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Polymetal invests significantly in the training, development and wellbeing of our employees. This investment is part of our commitment to them as people and professionals, and part of our commitment to the future success and sustainability of our business.

We are continuously looking to develop our stable, loyal and motivated employee base. Each year we deepen our internal Talent Pool, increasing the scope of our employees’ expertise and building our leadership capabilities for the future. We also pay competitive salaries and provide equal terms of recruitment, employment and promotion, making Polymetal a highly attractive place to work.

Indeed, we believe that by providing an environment in which our employees feel well looked after, rewarded and listened to, we can continue to build the workforce we need to meet our long-term business goals.

In our approach to human resource development, we aim to attract and retain the very best professionals by providing an inclusive, fair and enabling working environment. An environment in which good performance is rewarded, talent is developed and health and safety are protected.

We aim to provide a high-quality workplace, career development opportunities and direction. In return, our employees are expected to adhere to our Company Code of Conduct, which is supported by specific policies on recruitment and equality, professional development, appraisal, training, resources and skills, organisational design, productivity, motivation and reward. In line with the UN Global Compact and International Labour Organisation Principles, our main employment objectives are to build a workforce that is motivated to achieve our organisational targets, and create working conditions and a system of incentives that improve safety.

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