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Our aim is to have a meaningful positive impact on local communities in the regions where we operate. We believe in building strong relationships with local people and ensuring that our business activities enhance their quality of life.

We interact with local people and community groups in different ways. As an employer, we provide local employment opportunities across all our sites and facilities. We commission and use local services, helping to stimulate local economies and supply chains. And we actively invest in local infrastructure, health, education and culture, always looking to promote and protect community interests.

We go beyond our regulatory obligations to ensure our operations do not adversely affect local communities or environments. At Polymetal, establishing goodwill, trust and understanding locally is central to our corporate ethos and approach, and we are passionate about building strong links in the regions where we work.

Geographically, the scope of our operational activities is vast. This means that our interactions with local populations are widespread and diverse. Our approach to these interactions is shaped by our firm commitment to corporate responsibility. We believe strongly that as our influence and activities expand, so do our responsibilities to those people whose lives we touch. In our approach we also follow several international standards and conventions, including the UN Global Compact and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Our ultimate aim in thius area is to achieve a balance between Polymetal’s commercial interests and the interests of the communities we engage with. We do this by delivering social investment, expanding local infrastructure and developing related industries to stimulate economic development. We pay regional taxes and consume regional services and resources, while also training and recruiting local professionals and helping to address key social issues.

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