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Business Ethics

The Company and Directors are committed to ensuring adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards. This must be reflected in every aspect of the way in which we operate. Bribery is a criminal offence in the countries in which the Group operates, and corrupt acts expose the Group and its employees to the risk of prosecution, fines and imprisonment, as well as endangering the Company’s reputation. The Group has adopted anti-bribery policies, which extend across all of Group’s business dealings, and in all countries and territories in which the Group operates and applies to employees of the Group as well as relevant business partners and other necessary individuals and entities. The Board attaches the utmost importance to this policy and applies a “zero tolerance” approach to acts of bribery and corruption by any of our employees or by business partners working on our behalf and prohibits the payment, offer or authorisation of bribes, the receipt or acceptance of a bribe, and the payment, offer or promise to pay any facilitating payments. Any breach of this policy will be regarded as a serious matter by the Company and is likely to result in disciplinary action.

As part of the implementation of internal procedures to comply with the UK Bribery Act, the Group has implemented a formalised whistle blowing policy which describes processes in place for staff to communicate, in confidence, concerns about possible improprieties, unethical or illegal activities and ensures that arrangements are in place for independent investigation of such matters.

If you are aware of any bribery cases please contact us at info@polymetal.ru confidential hotline (from Russia) 8 800 555 1727.