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Health and safety


Protecting the health and safety of our employees is a major priority for Polymetal. We care deeply about our people; they are part of the Polymetal family and we are committed to keeping them safe and well in everything that they do, and maintaining a healthy workforce is critical to our ongoing productivity and success.

Our approach to safety is shaped by our commitment to our people. Our employees’ wellbeing is our number one concern and influences everything that we do – it is part of the very fabric of our organisation. As such, we are continually looking to improve the way we manage risks and enhance the systems we have in place to protect our employees from harm.

Our overall approach is set by the Company’s Health and Safety Policy and underpinned by our employee protection and workplace safety management system. We also follow best practice in our management of industrial risks to protect our employees and safeguard the interests of local populations.

As part of our commitment in this area, we comply with the health and safety legislation of the states and regions where we operate, and we meet all relevant international requirements. Indeed, our employee protection and workplace safety management system is based on the most up-to-date health and safety standards, including OHSAS 18001, UN Global Compact, ICMC guideline, Group Code of Conduct, Health and Safety Policy and management systems relating to labour protection, adhering to national occupational safety standards.

Our priorities:

  • Maintain a safe working environment for all employees;
  • prevent workplace accidents and work-related illnesses;
  • comply with relevant regulations and standards, and
  • embed responsible safety behaviour across every aspect of our operations.

Contractor's safety

Our suppliers and contractors make a significant contribution to our business. We build stable, long-term relationships with them, enabling us to achieve mutually beneficial terms of contract and uninterrupted supply.

In collaboration with our contract partners, we work to ensure compliance with environmental and safety standards across the Polymetal supply chain. We insist that all contractors take part in health and safety training and include requirement to comply with our Health and Safety Management System standards into contractual agreements.