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Organisational Structure

Polymetal organisational structure is designed for the business to operate in the most efficient way in accordance in the selected strategy and business model.

As at 20 December 2016, Polymetal held the following significant exploration, mining and production subsidiaries:

Hub/Asset Name of Subsidiary Deposits/Function Country of Incorporation  Interest held (%) as at 20 December 2016 
Dukat Magadan Silver JSC  Dukat, Lunnoye, Arylakh, Goltsovoye Russia 100
Omolon Omolon Gold Mining Company LLC
Birkachan, Tsokol, Dalneye, Sopka Kvartsevaya, Oroch, Olcha
Russia 100
Albazino Albazino Resources Ltd Albazino  Russia 100
Mayskoye  Mayskoye Gold Mining Company LLC Mayskoye  Russia 100 
Amursk POX  Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant LLC  Downstream processing facility  Russia 100
Voro  Gold of Northern Urals CJSC  Voro Russia 100
Saum Mining Company LLC Saum  Russia 80 
Okhotsk Okhotskaya Mining and Exploration Company LLC  Ozerny, Avlayakan Russia  100
Svetloye LLC
Svetloye  Russia 100 
 Varvara Varvarinskoye JSC  Varvara Kazakhstan 100
Vostochnyj basis LLC Tarutin Kazakhstan 100
Orion Minerals LLC  Komarovskoye  Kazakhstan   100 
Aktogai Mys LLC
Dolinnoye Kazakhstan
Kyzyl Bakyrchik Mining Venture LLC Bakyrchik Kazakhstan 100
Inter Gold Capital LLC Bolshevik Kazakhstan 100
Kapan Kapan Mining and Processing Company CJSC  Kapan
Armenia  100 
 Nezhdaninskoye (JV) UVGK Holdings Limited Nezhdaninskoye
Standalone exploration Semchenskoye Zoloto LLC  Semcha Russia 100
Standalone exploration LV Gold Mining CJSC Lichkvaz Armenia 100
Engineering Polymetal Engineering JSC Research and engineering services Russia 100
Procurement Polymetal Trading Ltd Procurement and logistics Russia 100

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